SHARK OBDII – 4G WiFi GPS Plug & Play Tracker, 16pin Mini OBD w/1 year plan

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The SHARK OBDII is an OBD positioning device that lets you know where your vehicle/RV/Boat/Trailer/Truck/Service Van/Big Rig Transport is at all times. It provides you peace of mind with a theft recovery protection system. BONUS….you can save on insurance!

It offers electronic fence, remote tracking, speeding alarm & more. Geared for those responsible for monitoring/hailing & car rental. The OBDII is small in size plus easy to install. The product has a built-in 80mAh rechargeable battery. It can continue to send positioning data to the platform terminal after the power is turned off. Dismantling the device will send alarm message.

OBDII GPS Tracker + Rechargeable Battery + SIM Card

2.4” x 1.8” x 0.9”, 0.1 lb / 6cm x 4.6cm x 2.2cm, 56g

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If your Vehicle is Stolen

Find it FAST

Real-time Tracking: update position every 10 seconds with continuous tracking

LTE 4G Technology: 2G/3G/4G LTE networks

Trace Playback: check the history of your vehicle location for useful information

Mileage Report: how far you drive

Rapid Acceleration/Deceleration Alarm: detects driving behaviors

Vehicle Malfunction Diagnostics: read vehicle fault data & share it back to the platform

Fuel Detection: measures vehicle fuel consumption

Over-speed Alarm: if speed is over what you set, it will send alarm reminding you to keep safe

Geo-fence Alarm: users can set a range of geo-fence on map with circle, polygon or customize shape & it will send an alarm when the device gets in or out of the preset area via APP or SMS

Smart Plug & Play: easy to install with 16 pins that connect to vehicle OBD port

Platform/APP/SMS Checking: various methods Platform/App/SMS used to check status

Additional Specs


GPS Accuracy: 5-10m

Voltage Input: 9-35v

Back-up Battery: 80mAh

Positioning Time: Hot Start<1S(Open Sky) / Warm Start<15S / Cold Start<32S(Open Sky)

GPS Sensitivity: -160dBm

Tracking Sensitivity: -162dBm

Operating Temperature: 20ºC-75ºC

GPS chip: MTK

GSM/GPS Antenna: Built-in Design

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