SHARK HD – Heavy Duty WiFi Internet Router & Hotspot


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The SHARK HD is a wireless internet router geared for business or those that need more power for a stronger signal based on location. Further, it allows a greater number of people to connect to the internet at the same time. Works great while on the move in a vehicle or stationary. It enables you to stream a movie from your Boat, read your emails from the cabin, video chat easily from your RV, play your favourite online games from your vehicle and MORE!

Quality connectivity wherever you are is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Not to worry. Shark routers & Shark data plans are designed with the sole purpose to keep you connected; faster, longer & more affordable. Unplugging while hitting the water & open road goes hand in hand with browsing, streaming & sharing!

  • No data throttling; full time top speeds
  • Full 1 Watt of power for industry leading range = difference between having a signal vs not OR a strong vs weak signal….NASA used 1W transmitter for the moon landings originally!!!!
  • 6 antennas
  • Connect up to 30 devices simultaneously – laptops, tablets & smartphones
  • Connects to 5G, LTE, 4G & 3G networks
  • Dimensions: 5.75″ x 4.25″ x 1.1”
  • Flexible Power – AC / DC / USB / Battery (optional)
  • Works well both stationary or in a moving vehicle
  • Device memory capacity based on SD Card used (not included)
  • Includes SHARK WiFi SIM card, unit, chargers (AC/DC+USB), instructions & travel case
  • Data is kept safe with advanced encryption, hacker prevention, VPN & more
  • Must be paired with a Shark Data Plan for internet access


Size: 5.75” x 4.25” x 1.1” / 14.6cm x 10.8cm x 2.8cm

Weight: 0.8 lbs / 363g

Power: 12V  1A

Wireless Communication Standard: 802.11bgn

Ports: 4 @ LAN + 1 @ WAN

Warranty: 1 year

Device: 5G & 4G LTE Wireless


Wifi: up to 600 M with Six Antenna; LTE CAT6 DL up to 150 M; UL up to 50 M

Certification: FC, C, E, CSA & RoHS compliant

Shark WiFi….the big fish in wireless

Dedicated – Clear – Powerful – Fast – Range – Essentially anywhere….our mobile routers & products in conjunction with our data plans are designed with the sole purpose to keep you connected faster, longer & more affordably.

Dedicated-networks across Canada leveraging our proprietary software for efficient Machine 2 Machine (M2M) communications with less disruptions.

No network congestion with a clear data stream; it’s like having your own lane on a busy highway!

Our WiFi module is 1 FULL WATT of power, ensuring you receive further distances, clear signals, stronger & more reliable connections with Shark WiFi!

Better connections ensure faster speeds. Paired with our sequenced data packages means you’ll be connecting quicker with faster page uploads!

TOWER FINDER technology provides stronger and more reliable internet even in remote communities. Shark WiFi connects you!

Quality internet connections when and where you need them. At home, in the car, cottage, camping, mobile office, trade shows; essentially anywhere you want fast, uninterrupted internet!